Traffic Solutions

Ronchess is the nation’s leading provider of traffic solutions, mechanised road markings and materials.

Airport Solutions

Our highly skilled airport solution technicians specialise in all types of runway and taxiway markings and maintenance.


Our engineers, architects, and builders handle all types of road and structural construction from design to completion.


With a new location in the United States, Ronchess Global Procurement Team is enhanced to promptly deliver your orders.


Uniquely Designed Solutions

Because we understand that every client is unique, we make it our goal to understand our clients’ specific needs and we design unique solutions to ensure their objectives are fully accomplished.

Target Approach

Our approach is based on honesty, strategic partnership and alliances, cost control, low overhead and, most importantly, effective quality control

Global Presence

With a new location in New York, Ronchess has a strong team of domestic and international technical and managerial experts to deliver solutions that suit the unique needs and budget of our clients..

Contact Us

To learn more about how we can be of service to you, please contact us at our Lagos office Tel: 07035450117 or email us at

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Our Projects

Ronchess has successfully completed many major projects over the years. To view some of our past projects and the ones we are currently working on, please click here.

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Ronchess opens a new office in the United States. A subsidiary of Ronchess Global Resources PLC , Ronchess International LLC, has been established in New York, U.S.A.

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